Boyd Brown

Boyd Brown



Name: Boyd Brown

Nickname: BB or Boydster

Date of Birth: 1.15.1999

Hometown: Palweys island, South Carolina.

Local Spot: North Litchfield and Palweys Pier.

Sponsors: Ripcurl and Arnette.

Words to live by: Whatever you do, HAVE FUN!!!!

Favorite Surfer: Gabriel Medina

I am most inspired by: People that have cancer, because they never give up.

My greatest fear: Spiders or school.

The best surf video segment of all time is: Dear Suburbia

My favorite non-surf film: The Dictator.

The best breakfast cereal: Coco Puffs.

The last time I wore a tie: At a basketball game I played in.

SUP, Alaia, or Boogie?: Boogie.

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?: Instagram!!!

On Rail, in the Tube, or in the Air?: In the tube.

My worst wipeout: I was surfing a big day at Sebastain Inlet, Florida and I was pinned under with my leash around my neck.

My favorite day of the year: A good swell or Christmas.

I am searching for ______?: Food and a good time.

I give thanks to?: My parents for all the trips ,God for giving me strength and courage, and Matt Myers for sponsoring me as well as the RipCurl people!!!!

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