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To give our customers the after sales support you need, we have our own in-house Service Centres all over the world which we’re proud to say are the best in the industry.

Our Service Centres are equipped with computer based customer tracking systems, Swiss made watch testers, and are manned by qualified watch makers and motivated admin staff who are all happy to go out of their way to ensure you get the very best service.

Watch Repair Price List (USD)

Movement Replacement By Watch Function
(Does not include hands and dial)
RRP Including Tax
Watches with: USD
Hour/min & Second hands $33.00
Hour/min/sec hands & Date $36.50
Hour/min & sec hands/day/date & 24hr time $43.50
Hour/min & sec hands/date & moon phase $43.00
Hour/min & sec hands/day/date & tide height $63.00
Hour/min/sec hands & crono function (stop/watch) $48.00
Hour/min & sec hands/date/moon phase/tide height & range $84.00
Hour/min/sec hands & digital display (ana/digi) $55.00
Digital display (Ocean tide multifunction) $55.00

Repairs: USD
Battery Replacement $19.50
Winder/known as crown for setting hands $20.00
Steel push button for digital function watches
Full Set of replacement watch hands
Watch dial (face with hour/min & sec indicators) $25.00
Brass watch case/bezel & glass (known as case & crystal) $34.00
Stainless steel watch case/bezel & glass (known as case & crystal) $50.00
Resealing (replace all seals & pressure test) $20.00

Misc: USD
Service $28.00
Postage & Handling $9.00

Prices indicated are subject to change without notice.

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