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Chapter 4: A Girls Touch

Enough with all the dudes on the boat. Have you seen the girls lately? Steph Gilmore. Alana Blanchard. Bethany Hamilton. Tyler Wright. They are the vanguard of women’s professional surfing these days, and it’s about time they joined the Tip 2 Tip mission and heated things up this week.

Getting them all together for a couple of weeks, however, is not easy. Steph is not just a world champion anymore, she is an icon. Mainstream mags just as much as surf mags want photo shoots, interviews, quotes... and on and on with the weird requests. Alana, you have certainly noticed, commands her fair share of mega-attention these days. Bethany has been working with Hollywood on a big-budget film about her life story, called “Soul Surfer”. And Tyler’s busy etching her mark in women’s professional surfing history since becoming the youngest winner of an ASP World Tour event – the Beachley Classic – in 2008.

Clearly, these girls are in-demand. But when we told them it was their turn to go searching on the Quest 1, suddenly schedules cleared and emails went unanswered. "I'm in Indo for the rest of the month," the out-of-office replies read, "and you won't hear from me until I get back." Perfect.

Not even a day into the trip, the girls seemed to forget just how big-time they are, and the switches turned off. Suddenly they were just friends on a surf trip. Themselves. And just as they discovered yet another fresh side of Indo on their leg of the Tip 2 Tip mission, so too did we meet a new Steph, Alana, Bethany, and Tyler... and it got pretty entertaining.


Steph_Gilmore.jpg Tyler_Wright.jpg Bethany_Hamilton.jpg Alana_Blanchard.jpg

episode 4.3 - boundless

It doesn’t take too many seconds of watching these girls surf to realize that things are moving quickly in the world of women’s professional surfing. Whether it’s Steph and Tyler fading into barrel after heavy barrel; or Alana boosting airs; or Bethany defying the odds with fearlessness and finesse, it’s quite clear that the girls of the new millennium are only going up from here. Pay attention, it'll be worth your while.(All slideshow photos by Ted Grambeau)
You'd be smiling too... Steph.
It didn't take long for Tyler to find barrels out there; that's what she was after.
Alana's Hawaiian roots coming through.
The girls battled a night of heavy seas for this far-off Teahupo'o lookalike. Steph, getting out there for the first crack.
Raising the bar. Alana.
Steph hits the sweet spot.
Digging into paradise. Bethany.
What would the girls trip be without a solid boat-jump shot? Tyler, Alana and Steph, doing the honors.

Behind the Scenes: Take 2

We handed over five more photos from the point-and-shoots to Steph for her to caption. She obliged happily, of course. Oh yeah, she sends her regards:

Top 5: With Steph Gilmore

  • 5 Spewing, then crying, then spewing again. Seasickness got all of us.
  • 4 Captain Albert's coffee seminars... amazing!
  • 3 Alana's one-liners. All of them.
  • 2 The creation of soon-to-be rap sensation Glitter and the Shaman - members Baby B Ham, A Scrappy, Ty Yo Shoe Laces, and Golden Steph. And consequently, the best D Floor in boat trip history.
  • 1 Tyler winning the fishing competition... bitch! Haha... just kidding, Tyler.

episode 4.2 - soiree

What do four of surfing's top females do when they’re ripped from their busy tour schedules and put on a boat in paradise for a couple of weeks? They get ridiculous: They laugh. Surf perfect waves carelessly. Have fierce fishing competitions. Snorkel. Bronze on the beach. And laugh some more. In other words, they just become normal girls in the absence of the bright lights, glamor and hype – which at the end of the day, is what they love being the most. (All slideshow photos by Ted Grambeau)
Check out time.
Alana, contemplating the work day ahead...
...which involves a lot of this.
When the waves went flat, the girls hit the beach. Steph hit the trees.
Steph couldn't stop talking about the barrels she got on this trip. One look at this photo and it's easy to see why.
Bethany's never one to shy away from the foam ball.
Style all day. Tyler Wright.

Behind the Scenes: Take 1

It's no surprise that the point-and-shoots we planted on the boat turned up some gold this week. Honestly, film hasn't looked this good in years. And thanks to Steph, we've got some classic first-hand captions:

The Unbreakable Spirit of Bethany Hamilton

Bethany was too strong to let the shark attack stop her from realizing her dreams of becoming a pro surfer. To see Bethany ride waves is an inspirational experience. To witness her spirit is just the same. And now her story is the stuff of Hollywood. Here's a piece of the documentary that inspired the big-screen feature film, coming this fall.

episode 4.1 - style

Stephanie Gilmore is only 22 years old and she’s already a legend. Her paws are immortalized in Huntington Beach’s Surfing Walk of Fame. She is officially an icon to every female surfer on the planet. And not surprisingly, she's rubbed off on Alana, Bethany and Tyler quite a bit lately. But in the close quarters of the Quest 1, everyone begins to become a piece of each other. And thank God for that, or the band would never have been created... (All slideshow photos by Ted Grambeau)
Three-time World Champ. Certified legend. And only 22 years old. Ladies and gentleman, the awesome (and really barreled) Steph Gilmore.
Travel with Steph and you'll see just how much of a coffee junkie she is. First cup of probably a couple more with Alana.
Alana Blanchard makes surfing look good... in and out of the water.
Always at home in the water.
Bethany Hamilton is pure inspiration... and power.
Student and teacher. Steph guides Alana through the scales.
At 14 years old Tyler Wright became the youngest surfer to win an ASP Women's Tour event. Now at 16, she's got her sights set on becoming a full-fledged member of the Tour Elite. How? Because she gets barreled like this.
Wrapping up an evening sesh - Tip 2 Tip style.

Boat Sounds: Musical Weirdness from Steph Gilmore

Tip 2 Tip is a 6-month quest on the Infinite Search, stretching from one end of the Indonesia Archipelago to the other. Stay tuned for daily updates and 3 fresh video edits a week. See more here

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