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Name: Chris Booth

Lives: Sydney, Australia


Favorite Shred Spot: Thredbo (AUS), Treble Cone (NZ), Les Arcs (FRA), Zurs Am Arlberg (AUT)

Favorite Rider: I don’t know many other riders. But Pep (if he's still doing it) because he is innovative and has a strong technique. He has always done his own thing and it works well.

Favorite Maneuvers: Anything I can manage of cliffs and natural lips.

Biggest Achievements: Warren Miller film 2010, Cover of WeSki (France) October Issue 2009, Cover of Chillfactor (Aus) May Issue 2009, 2nd World Heli Challenge 2009, 5th Xgames Slopestyle, Aspen (but that was ages ago).

Favorite Movies:

Goals: Continue skiing and studying at university at the same time. Shoot for Warren Miller again & Compete in more contests, and then win them or at least do respectably.

Describe your personality: I am occasionally funny but rarely. I always tell myself that I will do things that don’t need to be done, and then never end up doing them. I justify spending money on things I am going to throw away. I enjoy toast and coffee in the morning. And I feel that facebook infringes many of my personal freedoms.

What gets you stoked:
• A well-made coffee
• Cold-temperature powder combined with few people around
• Good surf with even fewer people around
• Finishing an assignment, then handing it in.
• Reading
• Getting a photo that sums up a days’ worth of building a jump and hiking.
• Landing switch in powder
• Fresh bread
• Going to a place I’ve never been.
• Going somewhere I have been and it feels like home.
• Peter Bjorn and John – my favourite band (except for Arcade Fire)
• Thinking about the future, its kind of a weird indulgence.
• Riding my bike
• Telling my step brother I will pay him 10 bucks to clean my golf clubs, having him clean them, and then only paying him $5.50.

• Heli Skiing.
• Going Surfing.
• Going for a run with an iPod and entertaining the thought of never returning.
• Finishing a book.

• Lack of common manners.
• Standing right up against the baggage carousel and not letting anyone pickup their bag.
• Lack of generosity.
• The sinking feeling you get when you have a pile of work in front of you and little time.
• Funerals.
• Sitting in traffic on a hot day with your car running in full knowledge that you are, in your own insignificant way, contributing to the demise of the earth.
• Uber trendies.

Life Motto: "It's not where you take it from, it's where you take it to" - Eugene Ionesco (Just looked it up on Brainy Quote)



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