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Name: Brad Holmes

Lives: Tahoe City, CA / Squaw Valley / Northstar

Nickname: Brad Rad Bumpin Brad & Holmes

Favorite Shred Spot: Black Country Tahoe, NZ, Canada, and Chile

Favorite Rider: Ingemar Stenmark

Favorite Maneuvers: Back Flips off cliffs

Biggest Achievements: Jr. World Champion, 78 Carrier wins including world pro mogul tour.

Favorite Movies: Push, High Society, Global, Storming, Natural Born Skier. The People vs Brad Holmes, Stars Skis and Hucks. There’s something about McConkey, Revolve, Ski Movie, Ski Movie 2, Front Line, Skiing Extreme 4, Extreme force.

Goals: To ski as much as powder as I can before I die.

Describe your personality: Rude but funny.

What gets you stoked: Cruising around the world skiing.

Loves: My Wife and Dogs

Hates: My Wife and Dogs

Life Motto: Close your eyes, lean back and dpoint it!



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