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Name: Andy Finch (DOB: March 20th, 1981)

Lives / Rides: Truckee, CA / Northstar

Nickname: Pitbull

Favorite Shred Spot: Tahoe Backcountry

Favorite Rider: Travis Rice, but long before he ever did That.s it that.s all.

Favorite Maneuvers: Anything big and floaty, NO Hucks.

Biggest Achievements: 06 Olympian, 09 World Heli Challenge Champ, 04 Grand Prix Tour Winner, 05 x Games Silver, 2 Time Arctic Challenge Winner, 3 Time Davos Evolution Winner.

Favorite Movies:

Goals: Make the US Olympic team then film a new film part for Nations.

Describe your personality: Go hard until you can't go any more. Not afraid to take on new challenges. At the same time pretty easy going.

What gets you stoked: Learning new tricks for sure. Sticking a big drop.

Loves: God, wife, surf, snow, skate, mtn bike, nature and the beauty behind it.

Hates: Drivers that sit in the left lane. Mainly people that are not considerate of others around them, not just talking about in cars either.

Life Motto: Never let the sun go down with an angry heart. Another one that has been on my heart more recently is: Do not with hold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.



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